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A new survey by Restaurants Canada shows that most grocery stores in Quebec may not be able to successfully reopen their doors to diners. The Quebec government has allowed restaurants to open in Montreal to shops that offer deliveries and snacks, but this is hardly a stopgap solution. Restaurant owners in Quebec can start serving their guests in the dining rooms, they must follow a public health policy that the restaurant must follow. Provided they are implemented on June 22, restaurants across Quebec will be allowed to reopen their restaurants in the city of Montreal and other parts of the province.

If you want to experience the true essence of Montreal cuisine, start with these ten iconic restaurants in Montreal. If you have any recommendations for eating in Quebec City, please share them in the comments below.

Quebec City is a hub for delicious food, so you should not just pick a place, but check out the list below. If you want to enjoy the ingenious innovations and strong traditions in the cuisine of each restaurant, we recommend a reservation. One of Montreal's upscale restaurants is one not to be missed, and if you eat in one of them, you'll have to check it out. These iconic restaurants in Montreal are too good to miss - so try them and make a reservation.

French - Canadian farmhouse - inspired restaurant is considered by many as one of the best restaurants in Quebec, and with good reason.

Founded in 1977, La Taniere remains a first-class restaurant, always up to date and kept up to date with modern methods and inspirations. The restaurant, located in the Hotel Lepriori in the old port of Quebec, was founded in 2003.

You can sample the authentic old-fashioned Quebec cuisine served by Aux Anciens Canadiens, such as ducklings with fried daikon and sea buckthorn. The restaurant presents modern Quebec dishes with an elevated version of Tourtiere with rouennaise. Aux Acien serves Nouvelle Québec cuisine with local meat and traditional dishes.

Like the former restaurants, Le Champlain at Chateau Frontenac is a culinary experience that can delight even the most discerning palate. While my children are Francophiles, there are none A lot of great food that caters to almost every taste. Champlains is elegant and welcoming, and you can expect a wide selection of traditional Quebec dishes as well as modern dishes. The food at Le Monastere is not to be missed when staying in a hotel, but it is a sensory experience that you "must not miss" in Quebec City.

While French cuisine is particularly popular with locals and visitors, many other types of cuisine are also offered, including Italian and Chinese restaurants. The best restaurants in Quebec are rated by reputable guidebooks based on quality and ambience.

Buvette Scott is a popular micro-restaurant that serves as good, if not better, food than any other place in town. This small 20-seat restaurant opened in 2017 and has made a name for itself as one of the most popular restaurants in Quebec City.

Toast is an international adventure with its menu, scanning the globe for different flavors and scents to inspire its dishes. The Taniere3 restaurant is the hottest ticket in town, with every product (except coffee) coming from the province.

In the heart of old Quebec, this elegant and cosy restaurant serves inventive and delicious dishes prepared with fresh, local and organic ingredients. This French restaurant specializes in fried chicken, seafood and other meats, and is one of the most popular restaurants in the city and the only one in Quebec. Le Saint - Amour is a nod to the Belle Epoque in Paris and is the leading fine dining restaurant in downtown Montreal. This hip and trendy establishment in Old Montreal is decorated like a candy store and will give you a taste of old world charm with its eclectic menu.

This restaurant in this part of Quebec City is located near the Plains of Abraham, where many specialties are served at lunchtime. Many restaurants in the area are located on Rue St. Jean and feature an outdoor area, often with live music, outdoor seating and great views of the city skyline.

If you don't have time or have the leisure to check out all the offers, we've rounded up our list of the best restaurants in Quebec City. We hope this post has inspired you to explore the traditional food of Quebec. Each guide tells a compelling story about each restaurant we visited, steeped in their inside knowledge of the place.

The restaurants in this post serve delicious dishes that will get you planning your return trip to Quebec City. If you like food, be sure to try Quebec City's traditional cuisine and stroll through the streets of the most popular neighborhoods, such as Saint-Jean-Baptiste and St-Laurent.

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